What makes Spearcrafters shafts better than other spear shafts?
     There are many reasons but the most important reason is that our steel is superior to any one else’s steel!
     Our steel is not only much straighter, it stays straighter during heavy use and it will last much longer before rusting.

How is this possible?
     We only use domestically purchased, certified and centerless-ground steel.

What is centerless-ground?
     It is a process that removes stresses in the steel and allows us to produce the straightest shafts available.
     Other manufacturers use foreign made cold-rolled or extruded steel which is a process that results in steel blanks that contain more stresses,
     small bends and twists in the steel blanks.
     If a manufacturer doesn’t brag that they are using domestic centerless-ground steel, It’s because they are NOT using domestic centerless-
     ground steel!

Our steel is certified!
     All 17-4 steel is not the same. Not even close!
     Certified means there are way fewer impurities. This results in fewer weak spots and less rust.
     Weak spots in your spear will also cause small bends from repeated use and decreased accuracy.
     Just because it says it’s 17-4 stainless does not mean it is good steel. Different grades and different manufacturers produce wildly different
     17-4 steel.

      Our steel costs us a lot more than what others are using but we believe that superior steel WILL absolutely make you a better spear
                         fisherman and cost you less money in the long run because you won’t be replacing shafts nearly as often

What else does Spearcrafters offer?
      Our floppers are precision fit and we only use solid rivets to hold our floppers.
      This results in increased accuracy, less drag, and added strength of our shafts.

What about shark fins?
     We have a proprietary design on our standard sharkfins. They work especially well in enclosed track guns by lifting the band 1/16 in order for the
     wishbone to ride just above the gun track.
     This results in increased spear velocity, and less damage to wishbone material and gun tracks.
     We also manufacture mini sharkfins that are smaller than many other sharkfins on the market.
     These mini-sharkfins work especially well in euro-gun designs.

Any other reasons to use Spearcrafters?
     1. Spearcrafters primary business is making spear shafts. As such, our lead times are typically shorter than other manufacturers.
     2. Our own heat treatment oven!
         We are one of the only spear manufacturers who have our very own (custom built) digitally controlled heat treatment oven! This allows us to
         produce a consistent product every single time! We do not suffer from inconsistent batches(too soft/too brittle) that commercial ovens are
         famous for.
     3. Our rivet holes and sharkfins are fully polished!
     4. Great service! We 100% guarantee our products against defects in materials and workmanship.
     5. Competitive prices! Despite a superior product, our prices are still competitive with other manufacturers.
     6. Spearcrafters is is a domestic machine shop using state of the art equipment. Many of our machines we have custom built specifically to
         make spearshafts.
     7. Spearcrafters is not only run by expert machinists, it is run by expert machinists who are expert spearfisherman.