Spearcrafters is one of the only companies in the USA that offers Spearshaft Refurbishment.  Our refurbished shafts will be the closest thing you can get to a brand new spearshaft for a fraction of the price!

IF, we can not straighten your spearshaft to like new condition OR your spearshaft is deemed overly damaged or showing signs of cracks, severe corrosion, or weak spots, we will offer a discounted price on a brand new Spearcrafters shaft!
Price applies to single flopper spearshafts and refurbished spearshafts carry no guarantee.

Rate to Refurbish a Spearshaft $22.95
Our machining experts will:
1. Clean, wirewheel, and inspect your old, worn out, or bent spearshafts (any brand).
2. Remove old Flopper
3. Straighten spearshaft to like new condition.
4. Clean and polish flopper pinhole.
4. Replace flopper with one of our high quality floppers and solid rivets.
5. Tune new flopper to gravity open (unless otherwise requested)
6. Re-sharpen tip to rockpoint, threaded tip, tri-cut, or thread with point. (whichever it originally came with)
!We can NOT re-thread hardened shafts!
7. Lubricate
8. Final test and must pass rigid inspections for straightness.

Other types of spearshafts can be sent in for a no charge estimate. Return Shipping-
1-4 shafts/ $12.00
5-10 shafts/ $20.00
more than 10- call



At Spearcrafters, we occasionally do large production runs of other spearfishing related accessories and often have leftovers that we will offer on this page at deep discounts so check back often to see what we have!

6″ Tri-cut/rockpoint spinner tips $27.00 each