We can manufacturer Spearshafts to fit virtually any speargun, or speargun mechanism commercially available including:

AB Biller
Ocean Rhino
Red Tide
SF Customs
Spearfishing Specialties
All Euro Style Guns
All American style mechanisms and Neptonics mechanisms

We can make shafts that fit enclosed track, open track, roller or Hawaiian sling!
We can make shafts to virtually any length!
We can manufacture spear shafts in diameters of 1/4″ (6.3mm), 9/32 (7.1mm), 19/64 (7.5mm), 5/16 (7.9mm), 11/32 (8.7mm), and 3/8 (9.5mm)
We can manufacture shafts with up to 4 sharkfins and we can also add a rest tab.
We can do rock points, tri-cut, threaded points, or threaded ends.
We can add single floppers, double floppers or staggered floppers on our shafts.
We can put crimps in our shafts.
We use only solid rivets in our floppers for strength and durability.

Standard Sharkfin-Top

Mini Sharkfin-Bottom

Our standard Sharkfin is totally unique in design in that it has a slightly raised rear end that works incredibly well in enclosed track guns by putting band wishbones slightly above the track. This results in less drag, higher spear velocity, and less damage to wishbone material as well as gun track.

This “standard” sharkfin does not affect open track guns, at all, but our shafts can be manufactured in a “mini” version and without the rise.
All of our sharkfins and floppers are made of the aircraft quality 17-4 stainless steel, all of our welds are precision and all of our sharkfins and rivet holes are fully polished after machining!
Simply put… We offer the most choices and the highest quality available anywhere!
Don’t want a new shaft?!
We are one of the only companies in the USA to offer Spear shaft refurbishment!
See “Spearcrafters Specials and Refurbishment” page