SpearCrafters is one of the oldest and largest spearshaft manufacturers in the USA (formerly B&B)

We manufacture OEM shafts for custom and production manufacturers/builders across the USA.
We use only the very best quality domestic materials available and maintain the highest standards of any production facility in the World.  We can manufacture large production runs of 1000+  as well as small custom orders of just a couple of shafts.  

Our goal is to provide spearfisherman with the very best quality spearfishing shafts and equipment available! 

Spearcrafters founder Lou Bonsey has been making Spearshafts and spearfishing related accessories for 50 years!

Lou has been a certified machinist and diver his entire adult life and continues to use and test his products today!

General Manager Rich Taylor has been a certified diver(spearfisherman) for 35 years who has competed in spearfishing tournaments on a local, State and National level.

Lou, Rich and their team of machinists manufacture every product with absolute precision and top quality!

“We make every spearshaft like we are going to use it”

Lou Bonsey – Founder/Owner

Rich Taylor-General Manager